The setting: June 2017, things look grim, summer coming in, something that usually would cheer me up but not this time. Hot. Noisy Athens. Dusk. Motorcycles roar by, like unnatural beasts, climbing up the uphill main street with great effort. The sea, visible in the distance, is so close and yet so far. Should I put gas in the car and try to get there? Bah, no energy, no money.

The overwhelming feeling of growing up and not really wanting to grow up any more…Like anyone ever has a choice on the matter. Loneliness. Time passes me by, people raising families, evolving on their jobs, focusing on their work , their careers. Not me… Strange… Picking up the phone to call a friend – No answer… Black! Nothing there, only black! TV on, commercials, people trying to sell me stuff I don’t need, trying to prove how much they care for me – Black! TV off. Lighting a cigarette, grab the guitar. Black! There it is! Only black!

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